APON celebrated Vegan Earth Day March

The message to embrace a climate-friendly lifestyle and practices was top on the agenda for all organizers of the International Earth Day March yesterday, 22 April 2023.

Vegans worldwide under the platform of Vegan Earth Day March, had a coordinated approach as 22 cities across the world including Ibadan, Nigeria, celebrated the occasion.

The Vegan Earth Day March as popularly known by this Vegan group is an exclusive group determined to celebrate Earth Day with a conscientious, open, and just mindset.

The theme of the celebration, which is the ‘plant-based treaty’ points to the need for everyone across the world regardless of religion, ethnicity, sex, creed, and race to ditch animal agriculture, adopt a vegan lifestyle, and form a robust enterprise and ecosystems for international food system policy for sustainability.

As usual, the Animal Protection Organization of Nigeria spearheaded the celebration as it became the lead organizer for the Vegan Earth Day March in Nigeria. “No matter the circumstances, the Animal Protection Organization of Nigeria will continue to be the lead and a shining example in the fight against animal exploitation and climate change within the region.” Said the founder, Amb. Joseph Odika.

Animal Protection Organization of Nigeria – APON, celebrated the Vegan Earth March with a road walk to create awareness on the plant-based treaty. The group has also issued a statement to continue to campaign for a fair and just sustainable food system in the country.

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